• Drop off is BY APPOINTMENT only and is limited to 2 grocery bags of supplies
  • Larger Lots, Studio Clean-outs, Estates, and Store liquidations are accepted by special appointment
  • Donations are gladly accepted at any time but please call ahead if it is larger than a few boxes
  • If you need special arrangements outside of our scheduling calendar or need us to pick up your lot, email us with more details and we can arrange something catered to your needs

Buy / sell / trade art supplies

Have you ever taken a class you didn’t like and found yourself stuck with all those materials you won’t use? Do you ever dream of switching mediums, but are overwhelmed by the start up costs? Do you find your studio has become an overgrown forest of art supplies and they are taking over precious space you need? Do you have overlooked tools and supplies that you never use anymore?

We may be able to help you! Here at ASC we buy used art supplies for cash or store credit. This is a great way to clean up, reduce clutter, and extend the use of unwanted supplies. You can try new things and save money. It also allows others to do the same by reusing your materials at a lower cost.

We have been buying & trading art supplies for almost 70 years and have an extensive knowledge of new, as well as vintage art supplies. We make solid offers that are honest and fair for the current market value of your items. If you have items we feel are more valuable than our store generally handles we will inform you of other options that may benefit you more.

In order to sell to ASC you must provide a valid photo ID or driver’s license and fill out some paperwork. Call ahead to schedule an appointment if you have a large lot of stuff, as we are not always able to process large lots on the spot. Feel free to call or come in with your questions to know more about how it works.

Estates & Other Circumstances

We handle artist estates and have for almost 70 years. It is often difficult when a family member becomes ill and no longer can make art as they once used to. It is even more overwhelming when they pass and leave a lifetime collection of art materials behind. We understand how difficult that time in life is and we offer services that are personalized to fit the individual needs of each family we work with. Our desire is to help lighten the load left on a family and ensure top dollar paid for all art materials.

Since our services here are catered to individual needs, it is best to call us and discuss your specific situation so that we can work with you and provide you with the help you are looking for. We understand the multiple things going on during these times in life and will make it as easy as possible for you.

Each situation is different, so there are many ways we can help out.

We offer consultation services to estate sales staff and can submit advice on pricing and value of materials. Professional estate companies often have knowledge on most items, but there are often small items or things overlooked that have more value than they may be aware of. We have almost 70 years of experience buying used art supplies and offer consultation for any artist estates. We also offer after sale clean ups and will come purchase and remove all leftovers that were unsold.

We work individually with families who do not want to have a sale at their home. Families can bring materials here or we can come out and offer a bid on the whole lot and remove whatever items need cleared. We offer immediate payment and offer honest, fair offers for current market prices. We can advise the family on things that are more valuable than we generally sell and offer referrals to other outlets if the financial needs to cover care costs is important. We can take it all lock, stock, and barrel if the need to have the space cleared is more important. Whatever your needs are, and whatever the situation, we can assist you personally in dealing with your loved one’s art supplies.

Here at ASC we have a love and appreciation for all artists and supplies. We also have a loyal following of artists who enjoy the treasures found in another artist’s estate. We love to honor the artist in every tiny detail of how we handle their treasured art supplies. Artists are all curious, creative, and inspired by other artists. We love to see the lit-up faces and fresh inspiration our customers find in honoring and inheriting the supplies of another fellow artist. We like to handle things in a manner that would make the previous owner of the art supplies more than happy at the way their things were handled. We honor the artist who loved the art supplies previously in whatever ways we can and often donate things in their honor.